Senior Research Associate — Pharmacology (Monrovia)

Responsibilities and Job Specifications
Xencor is currently looking for an experienced in vivo pharmacology scientist.

The candidate will work under minimal supervision to implement, execute and report in vivo pharmacology studies focused on identifying therapeutic antibody and protein candidates in the areas of oncology, inflammation and autoimmune disease.

In vivo responsibilities will include disease induction (including surgeries), test article and reagent formulation and preparation, dosing (by all major routes), tumor measurement, blood/tissue collection, animal husbandry, and monitoring of animal health. In addition, candidate will be responsible for sample processing, data collection and analyses (graphing, statistics, etc.), generation of draft study protocols/reports, training of junior scientists, maintenance and ordering of vivarium supplies and detailed record keeping.

The candidate will report directly to the Pharmacology Lead Scientist and provide him/her with regular data/status updates.

Other required skills include mammalian cell culture (aseptic preparation of media, freezing and thawing of cells, expanding/splitting cells for in vivo implantation), basic laboratory procedures such as gel electrophoresis and ELISA, protein and nucleic acid quantitation, DNA/RNA extraction, PCR, experience managing in vivo study teams, and experience with Microsoft Excel and GraphPad Prism. The candidate will be required to handle human tissue samples.

The candidate will work with highly motivated research scientists in a goal-oriented multi-project environment. In addition, the candidate must be well-organized, detail-oriented, able to work both independently and in a team setting, have excellent oral and written communication skills and be available for work on weekends.

A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in biology or a related field, with 5+ years of relevant pharmaceutical or biotechnology industry experience with cancer xenograft, inflammation and/or autoimmunity mouse models is required.


Xencor Inc. is an innovative biotechnology company headquartered in the Los Angeles area near Pasadena and with an office in San Diego. We recently completed a successful initial public offering (IPO). We use our pioneering XmAb® technology to develop better biotherapeutics — antibodies that target new biological mechanisms and are more potent, safer and longer lasting — to improve patient outcomes and quality of life.

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